Women ship builders. - The Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University, Beaton Institute Photographic Collection, 77.86.220

Digital Preservation

In response to the needs of the Canadian Archival System, in 2016 the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) began offering the ARCHIVESCANADA Digital Preservation Service (ACDPS). Since that time, ACDPS has provided memory institutions with access to an affordable preservation service maintained in an optimised technological environment designed to ensure sustainability, long-term accessibility, usability and authenticity of electronic records and digital information objects. 


CCA has been reviewing the value of continuing the partnership with Artefactual Systems Inc. as it currently exists, and after discussions with the company we have determined that the service would be best managed by a company with the technical expertise to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, such as Artefactual Systems Inc. To this end, beginning effective September 2020, renewal, quotations and new contracts will be undertaken directly with Artefactual Systems Inc. Beginning April 1, 2021, Artefactual Inc will assume all administration and existing contracts for ACDPS. At that time, the partnership will be dissolved.

To discuss digital preservation options with Artefactual Systems Inc., please contact them at info@artefactual.com