Residential Schools. School boys. These children live too far away to go home in the summer. Aklavik, c. 1941 - Saich - NWT Archives, N-1990-003:0223

CCA - Canadian Committee on Archival Description


National Meeting 2016 on the Future of RAD

The Canadian Council of Archives convened a Meeting on the Future of the Rules for Archival Description (RAD) at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in Ottawa on February 4, 2016. Twenty-one participants attended the meeting, along with five observers and seven staff from LAC and CCA. The objective for the meeting was to arrive at a basic consensus regarding the future of archival descriptive standards in Canada and the possible revision or replacement of RAD. The meeting format followed the questions contained in the survey instrument CCAD circulated to the archives community in November 2015. Meeting participants had access to the survey returns and to an analysis of the survey results prepared by CCAD. The meeting was structured into six blocks of questions, with 50 minutes of discussion time for each block. At the end of the day, participants returned to each of the survey questions and reviewed the results of the day's discussion for each. 


CCAD Report with Recommendations

Summary of Discussions

Audio recordings of the meeting

Preliminary Analysis of Survey Results

RAD Update Project (background information on the survey and regional consultations)