Hutterites in school, Creek, Alberta, 1995. - Provincial Archives of Alberta & University of Calgary Archives, the Alberta Report fonds, ABR1

New: Call for applications forShort Term Jobs. Deadline: October 4, 2017. Visit our YCW page for more information.


CCA - Young Canada Works

The Canadian Council of Archives administers the Young Canada Works program from the Department of Canadian Heritage as a delivery organization for the archival community and the library community (for libraries operating in English). This program offers students and young graduates the chance to acquire experience in their chosen field.


If you are applying for an archival position, please select CCA as the delivery organization.

If you are applying for a position in the library field, please select CLA (English applications) or ASTED (French applications).

For positions in the museum field, please apply to CMA.


2017 Campaign

*New* Call for Applications – Short Term Jobs! See Sept. 18, 2017 announcement.

  • All applications must be prepared online. Your institution should consider keeping paper copies of the application and reports for your file.
  • Note: Please review the government priorities for this year.
  • Please download and read the Employer Guide prior to completing your application since changes have been made to the guidelines.
  • It is not a requirement for institutions that apply under the Young Canada Works program to be a member of their provincial or territorial archival council or library association.
  • Reminder: You need only ONE (1) master account on the Young Canada Works interactive website in order to apply to one or more delivery organization (CCA, CMA, ASTED, and NTC). We do not recommend that you submit an application for the same position/job title to more than one delivery organization.
  • Your master account will enable you to complete applications for Summer Jobs for students, as well as Internships for graduates. You will be using this account to report on all stages of your project.
  • YCW program Services Standards for 2017.



Application deadine for short term jobs: October 4th, 2017

Application deadline for summer projects: ended

Application deadline for internships: ended


Apply Online!


If you need assistance, please contact:


 YCW for the library community

 YCW for the archival community


 Sabrina Pound or Louise Charlebois

 Louise Charlebois or Isabelle Alain

 Tel. (613) 565-1222 x. 109 or x. 110

 Tel. (613) 565-1222 x. 110 or x. 108